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Classic White Bread - Regular Slice 600g
High Fiber Whole Wheat Bread 600g
High Fiber Wheat Raisin Loaf 600g
Double Delights Strawberry and Blueberry Loaf 400g
Amazing Black Forest Loaf 400g
Premium Pandesal 350g
California Raisin Buns 300g
Chocolate Cream Roll
Twiggies Yellow Cake
Butter Toast
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What’s New at Gardenia?

Gardenia introduces new product for kids

Gardenia introduces another first in the market as it launches the newest snack innovation with its Pocket Sandwich. Made with two slices of Gardenia Classic White Bread, Pocket Sandwich has no edges and perfectly crimped and sealed making it a convenient snack and not messy to eat. It comes in two of the all-time favourite delightful flavors, Rich Chocolate and Creamy Peanut Butter. This delectable...

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Wanna be fit and healthy all year round without going for the bland and tasteless? There’s a secret to make your diet delicious and healthy, at the same time. Look no further as your favourite Gardenia bread has a lot more to offer especially on its health bread line. Remember there is Gardenia High Fiber Wheat Raisin Loaf that is deliciously packed with flavorful plump and juicy California...

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Gardee brings a delightful bread experience to almost 3,000 school children

More than breads and lecture on healthy eating, students were delighted with Gardee’s appearance and participation in the Nutrition Assistance Program (NAP) held in Bambang and Sta. Rosa I Elementary Schools in Bulacan. “The program is Gardenia’s health advocacy initiative that aims to curb malnourishment amongst public school children and educate them of healthy eating habits. We...

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Gardenia Celebrates World Bread Day with KIDS

The occasion is an opportunity for the company to showcase its unwavering commitment of providing nutrition to countless kids through its great-tasting bread products, and also serves as an annual pledge for nutrition by Gardenia to help enrich people’s lives. A major highlight of the event was the unveiling of the “G-Lock Collage,” a unique and creative idea conceptualized by Gardenia...

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