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Gardenia Inaugurates P1B-loaf Plant; Increases Production Capacity


Gardenia Bakeries Philippines, Inc. formally opens its new and sixth plant capable of producing 150,000 loaves per day or a 50% increase on its current production capacity.

The new 6,000 loaves per hour plant will feature additional robotics and the latest available technology in modern baking which came from the best baking suppliers from all over the world like in Germany, the Netherlands, United States and Japan.

The whole plant is computer-controlled starting from the use of an improved concept in the ingredient handling and makeup systems, use of robotics in handling baking pans and a unique technology in the depanning process which promises to be gentler to the bread, completely untouched by human hands. READ MORE

Tired of the same old sandwich for merienda?

Gardenia is challenging students to think out of the box and create recipes for sandwiches that will offer new and innovative ways of serving them the whole day.

Gardenia’s The Next Big Sandwich Hit (NBSH) pits 20 teams from selected universities throughout Luzon to create sandwiches that follow the 5 E’s of a good sandwich: Economical; Easy to make and prepare; Easy to eat; Enriching in taste and nutrition; and Enticing in its versatile use of Gardenia bread as an ingredient. 


Watch out for Gardenia's newest TV commercial airing on January 30,

catch the full TV commercial on your favorite TV shows on

ABS CBN, GMA 7, and Cinema 1!