MaSigLakas Basta Gardenia

How Gardenia’s Nutri+Plus Advantage can assist in raising kids who are masigla & malakas

For any parent, raising healthy and happy children is, without a doubt, a topmost priority. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a work-from-home dad, or a parent who reports to work all week, every day begins and ends with the well-being of your MVPs – your most valuable protégés.

While the motivation for parents is always there, the way to healthy and active kids can be tricky at times. How do we teach them to eat nutritious food? How do we encourage them to move more, get into sports or try other kinds of activities? How do we make them more masigla and more malakas?

Parents turn to different sources: their pediatrician’s guidance, wellness articles online, parenting forums, or the feedback from relatives and friends who are experts by experience. No matter the origin, this time-tested advice has always been consistent: the best road to healthy and happy children begins at home; with parents who are great role models of an active lifestyle, and a kitchen that’s stocked up with nutritious food – food that the kids will enjoy; food that is so good, they will not hesitate to ask for more; food that will help kids embrace healthier eating habits.

How to make your pantry “mas masarap at mas masustansya”
Parents don’t have to look too far or spend much more to make their kitchen and pantries more nutritious but also masarap; a reliable partner in healthy eating can be found in a sulit pantry staple, just like Gardenia Classic White Bread.

For many years, parents continue to count on Gardenia, where the combination of sarap and sustansya is not merely a concept, but a driving force and commitment towards world-class bread. Every pack of Gardenia Classic White Bread is masarap kahit walang palaman, guaranteed freshly baked, and most of all, uniquely enriched with vitamins and minerals – a product attribute that shows Gardenia’s superior advantage over other baked goods.

The Nutri+Plus Advantage that parents love
To help moms and dads feel more reassured, Gardenia’s Classic White Bread now carries the Nutri+Plus Advantage logo on its packaging. This means that every pack of Gardenia Classic White Bread has nutritive offerings that may help improve the family’s overall health and wellness – with nutrients that help give energy and strength, with proper diet and exercise.

Every pack has more vitamins: Vitamin B1 and B3 for energy boost; Vitamin A for immune system support, and Folate for improved cognitive performance. Every pack also has more minerals: Iodine for brain development, Calcium for bone health and muscle function, and Iron for improved athletic performance. This can further reassure parents that Gardenia Classic White Bread is a sulit partner in preparing nutritious meals for the family. Basta Gardenia, mas ma-vitamins, mas ma-minerals… mas masustansya.

With Gardenia Classic White Bread, families can start the day strong with a filling breakfast where kids, even moms and dads, can enjoy bread that’s not only delicious, but also siksik in vitamins and minerals, helping them be more energetic and strong. And since bread is a very versatile pantry item, the kids can pack up more Sigla and more Lakas throughout the day: their school baon for lunch or merienda; their favorite sandwich when it’s time to do their assignments at home; and at dinner time – the bread possibilities are endless.

MaSigLakas in school, sports and more!
With kids who are masigla at malakas, parents are reassured that their MVPs have more strength and energy to perform well in school; to become more confident in their sports, and to excel in their extracurricular activities – dance workshops, music lessons, painting sessions and more… with kids who are MaSigLakas, the potential is limitless!

Raising healthy and happy children is certainly the biggest task any parent could ever have; but with a simple but mighty step of giving them delicious and nutritious meals, just like having Gardenia everyday, parents can offer their children a good start towards overall wellness. Basta Gardenia, mas ma-vitamins, mas ma-minerals, mas masustansya, mas sulit, fresh pa, at masarap.

Basta Gardenia, kampante ang moms and dads.

Basta Gardenia, ang kids ay MaSigLakas.