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“Gardenia Bakeries (Philippines), Inc., or the “”Company”” is committed to protect and respect your personal data privacy. We are the forefront of not only implementing but also complying with the Data Privacy Act of 2012.”

“This Notice covers online data collection activities, including Personal Data that we collect through various channels, applications, third party networks, and consumer services. If consent and provision of personal data was not given, the company will not be able to push through with the process or service.” This Notice provides information in the following areas:

Service Description and information collected

For recruitment: Resume / Curriculum Vitae with the following data – fullname, photo, phone number, email address, address, social network profile URL, education and employment history, government identification numbers (Philhealth, BIR, Pag-ibig, SSS)

For Plant Tour: Name of group, contact person, e-mail, contact number

For Wellness Event: Name of institution, contact person, address, e-mail, telephone or contact number

For Customer concern / feedback: Name, e-mail

Use of Information For recruitment:  The company will use the information for employment application, qualification and character reference, with the consent of the job applicant or employee.

For Plant Tour: The company will use the information to respond with the booking and to facilitate the activity proper

For Wellness Event: The company will use the information to facilitate the nutrition lecture to the requesting organization

For Customer concern / feedback: The company will use your personal information to respond with your inquiries, concerns and complaints

Some personal information may also be transferred to third parties to process employee benefits, process needed services or inquiries by customers.

Storage and transmission of personal information “Your personal information will be processed only by authorized personnel within the organization and/or with third parties as necessary for the execution of 

processes related to the declared purpose or use, or disclosure is reasonably necessary, required or authorized by or under law. “                 “When the processing of personal information is outsources, the processing will be subject to data sharing agreements in accordance with the 

requirements of the Data Privacy Act.” Retention and Storage       “The company will keep your personal data only for as long as necessary to complete each processing activity. When the data is no longer needed  and has reached beyond the retention period in our company policies, we take reasonable steps to securely delete and destroy your personal information. “

Rights of Data Subject: GBPI respect the rights of the data subject in relation to processing their personal information:       The right to access his/ her personal information       Data subjects are made aware of the information to be collected, its intended use, including storage and data retention.                     The right to object to the processing of his/her personal information.       The data subject has the right to object to processing of his/her personal data and is given the opportunity to withhold consent in case of any amendment to the declared use of collected information.       The right to erasure or blocking of his/ her personal information.

Data subject has the right to suspend, withdraw or order blocking, removal or destruction of his other personal data from the personal information controllers filing system upon discovery.  This right may be  exercised with the provision of substantial proof of the legally acceptable reason for exercising this right. The right to be informed of the existence of processing his/ her information

The Data Subject has the right to be informed whether Personal Data pertaining to him/her shall be, are being, or have been processed. 

The right to damages. The data subject has the right to be indemnified for any damages sustained due to false, incomplete, outdated, unlawfully obtained or unauthorized use of personal data, considering any violation of his or her right and freedom as a data subject.

The right to data portability “Where his or her personal data is processed by electronic means, the data subject has the right to obtain copy of such data in an electronic or structured 

format that is commonly used.”

The right to lodge a complaint before the National Privacy Commission.

The data subject has the right to  file a complaint with the National Privacy Commission for data privacy violation committed by GBPI.

Inquiry For any information needed of further inquiry you may reach us through the following contact information:


Data Protection Officer


Call:    (02) 8889-8889 to 90″ Address:  73RJ+27F, Gardenia Centre, Star Ave, LIIP Ave, Biñan, Laguna