Enriching Lives in the Communities through Gardenia’s ‘Daily Bread Donation Program’

Through its Daily Bread Donation Program, Gardenia Philippines aspires to reach out to communities in need as part of the company’s commitment to serve Filipinos in every way it can.

With the company’s mission to enrich lives, the Daily Bread Donation Program was launched in 2000, and remains to be one of Gardenia’s primary CSR programs. This initiative aims to assist different communities in sustaining the food needs of several beneficiaries through Gardenia’s delicious and nutritious breads.

Presently, the Daily Bread Donation Program actively supports 111 regular beneficiaries nationwide, which include orphanages, charitable organizations, frontliners, and community pantries, by regularly donating more than 12,000 Gardenia loaves of bread weekly.


As the Daily Bread Donation Program continues to align with the United Nations SDG Goal 2: Zero Hunger, the company strives to reach out to more towns and provinces in the country through Gardenia’s five bakery plants located in Pampanga, Laguna, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro.