Gardenia Plant Tour Brings in More Fun with MaSigLakas Dance Challenge

Gardenia adds more fun and excitement to the Gardenia Plant Tour through the MaSigLakas Dance Challenge, maintaining the company’s aspiration to serve consumers BEYOND BAKING.

Upon finishing their plant tour, students, kids and other visitors are invited to visit the MaSigLakas booth where they can dance along to the MaSigLakas dance tutorial flashed on the screen.

Students who will do the dance challenge will get a free Gardenia Cream Roll and a Gardee lanyard. Aside from participating in the dance challenge, they can also pose for photos as additional souvenirs of their plant tour experience.

With the MaSigLakas challenge, kids are encouraged to move more and embrace an active lifestyle with their favorite Gardenia Classic White Bread, which has nutrients that help give energy & strength with proper diet & exercise.

Apart from the MaSigLakas challenge, the Gardenia Plant Tour also includes wellness talks, teaching students about various topics such as healthy eating, proper handwashing, sanitation practices, and values education through fun and interactive activities.