Excellence begins at home: Gardenia recognizes hardworking employees through the ‘Annual Perfect Attendance Award’

Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher, was once quoted, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – showing the significance of how small actions can bring a greater impact; in the same manner as how every accomplishment starts with a simple and sincere gesture of showing up—day in and day out, while embracing a positive mindset and taking on all kinds of challenge that will come your way.

Just like in Gardenia, where every day is dedicated to attaining world-class quality in the baking industry; where excellence begins at home, through its bakery plants, starting from the dedication of its employees – the hardworking people behind your daily fresh bread.

Gardenia Philippines’ most important pillar
Throughout Gardenia Philippines’ more than two decades in the local bread market, the company has relied on its four pillars for its continued success. Gardenia has built and operates five fully-automated PLANTS that are strategically located in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, allowing Gardenia to serve freshly baked bread to Filipino consumers nationwide. It utilizes a state of the art bread making PROCESS where breads are baked untouched by human hands. This modern approach to baking ensures food safety and high standards of quality in every day of production. And to answer the evolving needs of consumers, Gardenia continues to give a delicious and nutritious array of best quality bakery PRODUCTS, from loaf breads, buns, and snacks, even expanding its offerings to spread, coffee and noodles.

Plant, Process and Products – 3 of Gardenia’s 4 company pillars

But besides these, it is the PEOPLE, the fourth and most important pillar of Gardenia, who have played a major role in turning the Gardenia brand into the bread industry market leader that it is today. Ever since the company’s humble beginnings in 1998 where it had only 35 staff in its small office in Laguna, up until today, where the company has grown to a team of more than 1,500 dedicated members, it is the passion, perseverance, and talents of its employees that paved the way for Gardenia’s success story.

Unwavering commitment every single day
To honor and recognize the exemplary work ethic of its employees, Gardenia held its “Annual Perfect Attendance Awards” this 2024, just as the company celebrated its 26th year anniversary in the Philippines. This awarding ceremony celebrated the achievement of 97 outstanding employees who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their responsibilities, showing up day after day without exception.

Aside from their scheduled vacation leaves, these employees have no record of sick leave, emergency leave, unplanned vacation leave, incidents of undertime, tardiness, and absence without leave – showing a powerful testament to the culture of excellence within Gardenia.

Perfect Attendance Awardees (6 to 20 years) with Gardenia Philippines executives led by President Jun Umali (3rd from left)

The awards were divided into categories based on the number of years of the employees’ perfect attendance record: 80 employees from various departments were given recognition for their perfect attendance for one to five years; 10 employees achieved perfect attendance for six to ten years; and 7 employees succeeded in getting a perfect attendance record for eleven to twenty years—which included Ms. Juliet Lunas, who achieved a perfect attendance record for 17 years.

17-year Perfect Attendance Awardee Juliet Lunas

But among the awardees, the much deserved spotlight was given to the exemplary achievement of Mr. Eriberto Laranga, Jr., who attained a perfect attendance record for 20 years straight.

20-year Perfect Attendance Awardee Eriberto Laranga, Jr.

JR, as he is fondly called by his teammates, shares the winning attitude behind his amazing feat, “Unahin po nating hanapin ang paraan, ‘wag ang dahilan. Ang magandang kinabukasan ay para po sa mga taong nagtitiwala sa kanyang sariling kakayanan.” Adding that one should embrace every challenge as an opportunity to grow and achieve success, “Huwag na huwag po tayo mawalan ng pag-asa sa kabila po ng mga pagsubok na dumarating sa buhay natin, dahil sa bawat pagkakataon na mayroong hamon ay mayroon ding pagkakataon upang magtagumpay. Tandaan po natin na ang lahat ng bagay ay pinaghihirapan. Di matamis ang tagumpay kapag walang hirap na daranasan.”

Source of inspiration for individual and team success

Speaking on behalf of the management during the event, Mr. Jun Umali, Gardenia Philippines President, expressed the significance of this accomplishment. He shares that “the employees’ commitment to perfect attendance isn’t just about the achievement of one person—it’s a testament to one’s character and a reflection of one’s values. It sets a positive example for the entire company, showing colleagues the importance of reliability and the impact it can have on individual and team success.”
Perfect Attendance Awardees (5 years)

Also taking this opportunity to thank the employees’ great support system, Mr. Umali adds, “To your families, friends, and loved ones who have stood by you, encouraged you, and cheered you on, we owe a debt of gratitude. Their support has been instrumental in helping achieve this milestone.”

Attended by the Gardenia management, the employee-awardees, and their families, the Annual Perfect Attendance Awards attests to Gardenia Philippines’ commitment to best HR practices that not only celebrate the dedication, perseverance, and hard work of its employees, but also encourage the whole company in striving for excellence one day at a time.

Perfect Attendance Awardees (2 to 4 years)

Perfect Attendance Awardees (1 year)