Take a Free Tour at the Most Modern Bread Factory in the Country

New state-of-the-art plant 

Gardenia’s plant in Biñan, Laguna has been one of the top educational field trip destinations in the country since it opened the factory for free plant visits. The company showcases its world-class bread manufacturing facility that is ISO and HACCP certified, giving consumers the assurance of product quality and food safety in a well-sanitized bakery environment. 
It is the company’s pride and joy where, each day, hundred thousands of loaves of bread and snack items are produced in a fully automated facility, untouched by human hands. Not resting, Gardenia just inaugurated its new sixth plant capable of producing 150,000 loaves per day or a 50% increase in its current production capacity. This plant uses an improved concept in the ingredient handling and makeup systems, use of robotics in handling baking pans, and a unique technology in the depanning process which promises to be gentler to the bread. Gardenia’s plant in Laguna is toured by as much as 3,000 to 8,000 visitors a day.

Baking breads untouched by human hands

The plant tour aims to impart to the students the knowledge about modern bread production that is untouched by human hands. Additionally, it promotes the importance of proper nutrition and sanitation practices as foundations to a healthy mind and body, and as well values education.
While Gardenia’s secrets to success will be shared to visitors via an audio-visual presentation (AVP), the most exciting part of the program is the actual catwalk tour of the visitors as they enjoy viewing the complete plant facility and step-by-step process of baking breads, the Gardenia way. Nobody leaves the factory without taking their good poses with a bread sample at the photo opportunity areas. No wonder they cannot forget their unusual field trip, baking breads untouched by human hands!
Making bread the Gardenia way is fascinating and educational for kids and adults alike – to see how staple food, like bread, is made on such a massive scale. 
To view thousands of loaves stacked in tiers on two spiral coolers and be able to see automated handling process is an awe-inspiring and fun learning experience.
The bread making process makes children appreciate the lengths the people of Gardenia go through to make sure the bread they get is fresh, safe, delicious and nutritious.

Giving a unique learning experience and values enhancement

The tour serves as an educational and informational activity providing visitors a unique learning experience. Gardenia’s free plant tour is another manifestation of Gardenia’s commitment to people. It is educational but also equally fascinating, delightful and delicious—thanks to the free samples that welcome visitors at the end of the tour.
Like everything else it does, Gardenia has taken the extra step—a bold step, when one considers the time, expense and logistics of hosting thousands of visitors per day—to accommodate you and take a free tour to the most modern bread factory ever in the country.

Gardenia’s plant in Laguna is located in Laguna International Industrial Park (LIIP), Mamplasan, Biñan, Laguna. To book for free plant tour, just visit Gardenia’s website and download a booking form at www.gardenia.com.ph or call (02) 889-8890 and (049) 539 1136 to 40. Tour hours are from 7 am to 4 pm, Monday to Frida, and Sunday. Gardenia’s Cebu plant is also open for plant visits and can be reached thru this hotline (032) 238-2998.