Your favorite Gardenia bread has found its perfect match in Delicia Chocolate Spread

Gardenia’s Classic White Bread remains a pantry staple in many households because of its cottony-soft and creamy goodness. It is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B1, Iodine, and Folate, plus it also contains Calcium, Iron, and vitamin B3 – helping busy moms prepare nourishing meals for the family. With its inviting aroma and distinct taste, you can tell that it’s always freshly baked. And every slice can be enjoyed even without palaman.

But what if the same company that built this long heritage of serving quality bread brings in the perfect chocolate spread to take your bread pairing to a delightfully delicious level? You’ll get an irresistible combination that is too good and filling, you won’t believe that the superior quality comes at a very affordable price.

A complementary product to Gardenia’s world-class bread, Delicia Chocolate Spread is made with real cocoa, milk, and other premium ingredients that give its rich chocolate taste. It offers a delightfully delicious surprise that will make your breakfast, dessert, merienda, and midnight snack extra indulgent. It is easy to spread and has a creamy feel that goes well with the freshness of the Gardenia White Bread. With chocolates being an effective mood booster, Delicia brings just the right sweetness that you’re looking for in comfort food.

It is available in two equally premium variants – you can choose between the Delicia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread featuring the delicious blend of rich and creamy chocolatey goodness with a nutty Hazelnut twist. There’s also the Delicia Milky Chocolate Spread with the classic, thick, creamy, and well-loved milky chocolate flavor.

Start your day with an easy and delicious meal to get you through the day. Aside from the Classic White Loaf, you can also pair this chocolate spread with Gardenia’s full-to-the-bite Premium Pandesal or Clustered Pandesal with its locked-in softness and freshness. Meanwhile, Delicia is also great on toasts, waffles, crackers, and even your favorite fruits when used as a dip. It’s a premium-quality spread that can be enjoyed by the whole family and any time of the day.

Delicia Chocolate Spread is available in 200g tubs and in affordable 30g sachet packs that are handy to bring anywhere – perfect for your chocolate cravings when at work or during your vacation. For more convenience, your go-to Gardenia breads and Delicia Chocolate Spread are now available on Lazada, Shopee, Pandamart, and Grab Supermarket in Metro Manila and select areas in Cavite, Rizal, Laguna, and Bulacan.

With Gardenia’s wide range of bread products and Delicia Chocolate Spread, the perfect match of nutrition and indulgence is always within reach.