The Pursuit of Dad’s Health

Ever had such a hard time convincing your dad to have a check-up for a muscle pain or any health
related concern? Apparently, it’s not just your dad who’s like this. According to the 2019 study by the
Cleveland Clinic, 65% of men avoid going to the doctor as long as possible. Most men will take care of their
cars more and put their health as last priority. It is known that men are in higher risk to developing heart
diseases, gout, emphysema and kidney stones among others. As we celebrate Father’s Day this month, let’s
continue to urge our fathers to take a check on their health as often as they do with their cars and motorcycles.
Here is a list of common mistakes men make in terms of their health and what we can do about them.

1) Skipping routine check-ups
Not going to the doctor when they’re due for a check-up or when they’re developing symptoms is
something men do for whatever reason. Medical attention is not only helpful when they have an immediate
health problem but is also essential for preventive care. Start including this in your conversation as early as
possible and make it clear that the concern is coming from a place of love. Maybe even accompany them in
their check-ups and help them find a primary care provider if they still don’t have one.

2) Bottling up their feelings
As often depicted as the “stronger” sex, men are less likely to seek help when coping with stress and
depression. In a study conducted by the Department of Health, more than 2000 of 2413 reported cases of
suicide in 2016 were male. It is with utmost importance that we destigmatize mental health to encourage
men to seek mental support. Normalize conversations about mental health in the family, find support groups
for them, teach them breathing exercises, try out yoga or mindfulness meditation practice with them and
encourage them to see a doctor.

3) Drinking and smoking too much
In a mobile health survey conducted by the Department of Health in 2021, it was found out that one in
ten adult men smoke tobacco products daily and 43.2% of men reported higher rates of heavy drinking
occasions. If your father is one of those, help and support them in his quitting process. If necessary, help
them create their quitting plan, give them tips on how they can gradually reduce their alcohol and tobacco
usage, and if having withdrawal symptoms, encourage them to see a doctor to talk about it.

4) Consuming too much meat and less vegetables and fruits
In most instances, men are significantly less likely than women to recognize the health benefits of fruits
and vegetables. While it is true that men do require a little bit more protein than their female counterpart, it
is not to dismiss their vegetable and fruit needs. Getting 5-7 servings of fruits and veggies is recommended
per day. It may seem one too many but there are plenty ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables in your
father’s and family’s meals. If you’re on the lookout for recipes that do this, worry not as Gardenia offers a
variety of easy and healthy recipes that incorporates your fruits and veggies. You can try our Crab and
Veggie Style Pizza, a recipe made with Gardenia High Fiber Wheat Bread that does not just give your body
with vitamins and minerals but fiber too!

Crab and Veggie Style Pizza

• 2 slices of GardeniaHigh Fiber Whole Wheat Loaf
• 30g Crab Sticks, tear into strips
• ¼ cup Mango Bits
• 30g Green bell pepper

• 30 g Red bell pepper
• ¼ sheet Nori, cut into Strips
• ½ cupTomatoes, Crushed
• 30g Quick melt Cheese, Shredded
• 1 tbsp lemon Juice
• 2 tsp Olive Oil
• ¼ tsp Salt
•1/8 tsp Pepper


1. Preheat oven toaster. Lay flat 2 pcs of Gardenia High Fiber Whole Wheat Bread on a clean chopping
2. Spread tomato sauce on the bread. Top with shredded quick melt cheese.
3. Add the mangoes, red and green bell peppers, shredded crab sticks and top drizzle with lemon juice
and olive oil.
4. Bake for 5-7 minutes on high heat until cheese melts.
5. Top with nori strips and serve hot.
As we celebrate our father figures this month, let us not forget to celebrate their health too. Correcting these
common mistakes from missed check-ups to missed food groups is more than just challenging but as they say,
the right path is not always the easy path. Give our fathers the best gift from today – a good health for a happy
and long life with the family.