The D-I-A-B-A-S-I-C Routine!

Diabetes is a chronic and metabolic disease that occurs when blood glucose or blood sugar is too high. Glucose is our main source of energy and it comes from the food we eat. The body utilizes glucose through a hormone called insulin – it regulates the entry of glucose into our cells and goes on to rigorous process and turns into energy. An impairment in insulin could lead to Diabetes.

There are three (3) common types of Diabetes:

Type 1Diabetes – a type of Diabetes that is inherited; manifests during early childhood and adolescence – in this type, the body produces little to no insulin, thus insulin shots are needed for better Glucose regulation.
Type 2 Diabetes – a type of Diabetes that is lifestyle-induced; manifests in adulthood – in this type of diabetes the body doesn’t utilize and efficiently use Insulin due to Obesity.
Gestational Diabetes (GDM) – is a type of diabetes that consists of high blood glucose during pregnancy and is associated with complications to both mother and child. GDM usually disappears after pregnancy but the child is at increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the progressing years.
In the Philippines, the prevalence of Diabetes in 2017 is 6.2% of the total population of adults – that is 3.7 million of 60 million adults. We can avoid it by following the Diabasic routine! Here’s how…

Don’t be sedentary – it’s official! Sitting is the new smoking, so let’s get moving, stretch out those limbs, and exercise!
Intensify that exercise – a normal weight can remove you from the list of people who are at risk for diabetes, that’s why shed that extra weight!
Avoid simple sugars – carbonated beverages, sugary foods, and snacks, are a big no-no as it may lead to a spike in our blood sugar levels not only that it has low nutritive content.
Bring out that stress – a happy and stress-free life equates to a healthy mind and body, that is why learn to effectively cope with stress.
Assess yourself regularly – regular laboratory checks and visits to the physician can decrease the chances of contracting diabetes.
Stop smoking and drinking – these vices do more harm than good as it can increase the likelihood of getting cardiovascular disease and cancer.
Implement discipline – strictness in oneself can lead to a good quality of life but never ever forget to enjoy the little things.
Complex carbohydrates go a long way – High fiber foods can aid in blood glucose balance as it is digested slowly compared to simple carbohydrates. It also has so many benefits like lower blood cholesterol and is good for digestion.
That’s the D-I-A-B-A-S-I-C Routine. What better way to start it off by trying our special recipe Gardenia Salmon Poke Burrito.

Gardenia Salmon Poke Burrito

Per serving: Carbohydrates: 25.2g, Protein: 10.9g, Fat: 1.5g, Calories: 158 kcal


2 slices Gardenia High Fiber Whole Wheat Loaf
30g Wakame seaweeds
60g Salmon-Sashimi Grade
2 tsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp soy sauce
Salt and pepper, to taste
30g Mango, thinly sliced
30g Cucumber, thinly sliced
5g spring onion
5g Lollo Rossa/Lettuce of your own choice
For the dressing:

1 Tbsp rice wine vinegar
1 Tbsp sugar
¼ tsp salt

To Prepare Wakame:

1.) Soak wakame seaweeds in hot water for 3-5 minutes until it expands. Drain the seaweeds and squeeze excess water.

2.) For the dressing. In a separate bowl, combine 30 ml of rice wine vinegar, 1 Tbsp of Sugar, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt and mix it together until it dissolves.

3.) Combine seaweeds and dressing together and mix well.

To assemble:

1.) Prepare two Slices of Gardenia High Fiber Whole Wheat Bread Thick Slice then trim the sides and save for later use.

2.) Flatten out the trimmed bread using a rolling pin and set aside. Cover it to prevent the bread from drying out.

3.) Place 1 sheet of nori on top of the flattened bread then add lettuce, Salmon poke, mango and cucumber slices, and wakame.

4.) Roll the bread and secure it with a paper wrapper/ foil.

5.) Serve and enjoy.

Source: UPLB-IHNF, Public Health Nutrition Vol. 3, 2018