Our Love for Filipino Snacks

Our Love for Filipino Snacks


We Filipinos love to eat, and among the various choices for snacks, our own version of snacks and desserts such as puto, biko, suman, sapin-sapin, palitaw, kutsinta, pichi-pichi, ube halaya, and polvoron are the usual favorites. Snacks that bring back memories of our childhood when siestas usually end with our homegrown delicacies. Remember the sweet struggle of chewing on some sticky sapin-sapin? How about biting into some coconut sprinkled, sugar crusted palitaw? Don’t forget that joy of finishing up the last crumbs of your favorite polvoron. These snacks are getting harder to come by these days, especially for those who work in heavily urbanized areas. It would be nice to bring back those sweet childhood memories again, right?

Some of you might be already thinking of cooking up your own childhood snacks but are worried that it would be time consuming. Worry no more! Some traditional desserts are actually quite easy and simple to prepare.

Check and try this recipe called Toasties Polvoron, it is still the delicious polvoron but with a twist!

Toasties Polvoron


  • Gardenia Toasties – 5 pcs
  • Powdered Milk – ¼  cup
  • Sugar, white – ¼ cup
  • Butter, unsalted, melted – ½ cup


  • Polvoron Molder
  • Blender


  1. Get 5 packs of Gardenia Toasties, break into smaller pieces and put inside a blender.
  2. Pulse until fine powder, add melted butter, powdered milk and sugar.
  3. Mix thoroughly to incorporate all ingredients.
  4. Press into a molder, chill to set and serve.

Turn it into a memorable activity for your kids! Let your child help you shape the Toasties Polvoron

In this way, we are  helping to preserve our love for our traditional Filipino food snacks to the young generation!