Father’s Day Surprise

Every day you wonder how your dad retains his composure despite coming home late from work. How he musters the strength to help your mom during morning preparations. And you look at yourself barely able to make it through the day. He wears his uniform nicely and neatly while eating breakfast hurriedly so as to make it on time for work. He will kiss you and your mom on the cheek before leaving, with a smile on his face. You then remember that line on the song, “All the kicks and all the blows, he will never let it show because he is stronger than you know, a heart of steel starts to grow.”

A father, as much as possible, wants his family to live a comfortable life. If he could, he would give the world to his family. However, just like everyone, they are also human. They feel tired physically, emotionally, and mentally. They also have a weak spot. But being the head of the family, they have to be strong. Why not make him feel our immense gratitude this Father’s Day? Make him feel like he is your ultimate hero. Prepare a meal that gives a kick in his taste buds.