Be Fit. Be Summer Ready.

You are in your chair sulking while scrolling through every summer vacation promo you see tagged and shared on your timeline. At work, you hear your friends talking about how excited they to wear their bikinis and flaunt their fit and sexy bodies at the beach. They will then ask you if you want to join. How sweet of them! You take a glance at your tummy and pat the product of months of hardwork binging on not-so-healthy foods every payday. You then halfheartedly decline the offer to hit the beach, remembering that cute bikini you bought that no longer fits.

You don’t need to be hard on yourself and sulk in the idea of summer. Instead, treat this as a challenge, your time to finally work on shaking off those excess fats and start your “Balik Alindog Program” session for real. Gradually change your behavior and engage yourself in proper diet and regular exercise. The combination of both will help you achieve that fit, healthy and summer-ready body. This may also help boost your energy and self-confidence. Plus, you never know you just might get the attention of that cutie you’ve been crushing on for who knows how long.  

Now, back to your major dilemma your relationship with your unwanted fats. There are products out in the market that may help in weight management. You may incorporate these into your diet while practicing the eating principle of balance, variety, and moderation. As you drop by to the supermarket nearby to look for foods to include in your summer-ready diet, you may find in the bread section the Gardenia Slim N’ Fit Wheaten Bread which contains L-Carnitine and fiber. L-Carnitine together with workout or any physical activity helps burn fat and converts it into energy. It is also important for heart and brain function, muscle movement and many other body processes.  As for fiber, this makes you feel full for a longer period of time thus preventing you from craving for more food. Fiber also helps maintain a healthy gut, lowers blood cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

But eating the right food alone will not burn your fat away. You have to combine this with regular exercise or physical activity. The World Health Organization recommends adults aged 18–64 to do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week or at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity, or an equivalent combination of moderate- and vigorous-intensity activity. Just remember that muscle-strengthening activities should be done involving major muscle groups on 2 or more days a week such as triceps press, push-ups, curl-ups, and leg lifts.

Go ahead soak under the sun, move every inch of your body and burn those excess calories away. Start adding Gardenia Slim ‘N Fit Wheaten Bread to your meal to help you achieve that summer-ready body. Soon enough you will find yourself wearing that swimsuit you bought months ago while walking confidently beautiful with a heart, enjoying the beach with your friends.

To give you more options in enjoying Gardenia Slim ‘N Fit Wheaten Bread, here’s a mouth-watering recipe.

Gardenia Egg in Tomato Sauce Sandwich






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