Snack your way to ease the daily grind

Amidst a busy schedule of workday, you can still count on momentous times where you can enjoy the value of sharing with your office friends. You can always find a reason not to pressure yourself meeting the dealines. Why not take a break? Breathe and escape into the goodness of snacktime indulgence with a delectable offer that you’ll surely can’t resist, the Gardenia muffins.

To take little time outs from the daily grind is to decompress,relax, and recharge.

And breaks are always worth the wait with enjoyable snacks that don’t just boost your energy but also deliver the indulgent “mmmm!” factor you need to get your spirits up and smiles on. Combined with the opportunities to enjoy bonding moments with your colleagues, Gardenia’s snack offer can even be more muffin-tastic.

Gardenia Muffins seem made especially for workday escapes.

Imagine the thought of grabbing a Gardenia Muffin pack and putting it in your bag or drawer almost instantaneously makes you quiver in anticipation, knowing the kind of scrumptious snack that awaits you.  And then finally opening it and sinking your teeth in that delightfully soft, moist and consistently fresh muffin is like heaven already and enough for you to enjoy each delectable bite.

You could also Instagram Gardenia Chocolate Muffin, the chocoholic’s dream come true filled with addictive chocolate flavors, to that cute colleague you’ve been eyeing like forever.

And the fact that you’ve got Gardenia muffins in three mouth-watering flavors, that are bursting with real flavor bits, stashed in your work station drawer makes you think of whom you can share it with.

Maybe the Gardenia Blueberry Muffin oozing with juicy bits of blueberries for that geeky guy across your work station?

Or share one of your Gardenia Banana-Choco Muffins perfected with chocolate and banana flavor bits with the shy intern who eats alone. After all, Gardenia Muffins are affordable and handy or come in packs of two. And, being especially nice to the newbie makes you feel good, too.

Whoever you decide to share your stash with, you’ll know you’ll get your muffin-tastic moment.

So don’t dread the workday.

Gardenia’s muffin-tastic snacks make the breaks worth the wait and the work stress.

So look forward to every work break every day as your reason to escape for a muffin-tastic snacktime indulgence because with Gardenia Muffins, it’s definitely all good.

Gardenia Muffins in chocolate, banana choco and blueberry flavors are available in packs of two at leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.