Gardenia is for everybody—whether you are a student, working professional, young, young-at-heart, health buffs or soon-to-be mom—there is always a Gardenia product fit for your lifestyle and preferences.

For students and yuppies, we have pefect pambaon to give you enough energy for all your activities throughout the day.

Give your kids the best and healthful baon they will surely enjoy. Gardenia Classic White contains Vitamins A and B complex, minerals like iron, iodine and calcium they need for good eyesight and strong bones and teeth.

For working professionals, break the ice and add flavors to your workplace with Gardenia Double Delights and California Raisin Loaf. These delighting fusion of flavors are ideal for busy and always on-the-go employees as they can easily and conveniently grab these favorite snacks anywhere and anytime.

For health conscious, Gardenia health breads are the perfect choice to stay healthy, fit and slim. Get your fiber needs with High Fiber wheat bread for good digestion or you may choose Whole Wheat Raisin Loaf with anti-oxidants that help fight aging.

For moms, ensure your baby’s development in your womb and your healthy pregnancy with Gardenia Classic White Bread which contains Folate and other essential vitamins and minerals. 

All-time Gardenia pandesal is for any ages and generations. Crusty on the outside, heavenly soft on the inside, dip it with hot coffee or choco, eat it with your favorite spread or enjoy it on its own.

Gardenia’s great taste, freshness, oven-baked aroma, softness and nutritive value will surely make every moment count especially when being shared with your family and friends.

Improve and complete your lifestyle with Gardenia breads. Love Gardenia anytime, anywhere, everyday.