Promoting healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Nutrition Assistance Program (NAP)

To help address the problems of elementary school children coming to school hungry, which result to low performance in class, Gardenia launched the Nutrition Assistance Program (NAP) with various public schools. The program aims to educate the less privileged school children about the importance of eating a well-balanced breakfast meal, thereby lessening malnutrition amongst public elementary schools in Luzon, and eventually in the entire country. In 2013, almost 6,000 students benefited from this health advocacy initiative which included a feeding program.

Gardenia supplied breads everyday for three months to more than 1,000 students who were evaluated by the school with severely-wasted nutritional status, and monitored their health condition. At the end of the three-month monitoring, results showed that undernourished students were found to have an improved health status.