Nothing beats waking up in the morning to a pack of pandesal with its wafting aroma.

Who doesn’t enjoy dunking his pandesal into a cup of hot coffee or chocolate? Just the thought of different spreads like peanut butter, chocolate, condensed milk—and even scrambled eggs or fried spam—triggers what we may call as ‘pandesal craving’.

Throughout Filipino generations, this little brown bread is among the staples on every Filipino table.

But did you know that the name Pan De Sal or “Bread of Salt” came from the practice of adding a pinch of salt to make the dough softer?  Today, the Pan de Sal has evolved into something sweeter to suit the Filipino’s natural sweet tooth.

Pandesal has been part of Filipino breakfast culture, awaking every household with its familiar aroma sealed in brown kraft paper bag or the pot-pot sounds from the bicycle driven by the pandesal vendor.  With Gardenia Pandesal, you can continue to celebrate this much loved Filipino tradition of eating pandesal—not just in the morning but anytime of the day!

Gardenia Pandesal is made from premium ingredients, through ISO-certified processes in a world-class baking facility. The result? A pandesal that’s crusty on the outside, soft on the inside. It stays deliciously soft all throughout the day, whether in the morning, afternoon, or evening, so you can have that precious pandesal moment anytime of the day. Gardenia Pandesal is the pandesal that you dream of—it’s masarap, hot or not!

Aside from its freshly-baked goodness, Gardenia Pandesal is also packed with vitamins and minerals.  It is zero trans fat and cholesterol-free,  high in Folate and Vitamin A, and source of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Iron and Calcium which are essential in maintaining a healthy body.

Here’s another good news: there’s a fiber-enriched Gardenia Whole Wheat pandesal! Savor your favorite pandesal in a guilt-free way!

If you are looking for flavors, try the milky-cheesy Gardenia Cheese Buns or the Gardenia Raisin Buns, bursting with succulent California raisin! These flavored buns are perfect for your binge-watching, road trips, or study time!

With Gardenia, it’s a bun appétit experience! You will look forward to not just waking up in the morning but also in doing your activities—anytime of the day!