I Shared Bread for Happy Bread Day! Celebrating the gift of sharing this World Bread Month

As part of the company’s ENRICHING LIVES initiatives, I Shared Bread is a month-long activity
that directly involves Gardenia’s customers and plant tour visitors to help enrich people’s lives
and make “Happy Bread Day” more meaningful.

Every loaf purchased at the Gardenia bread store holds special significance. Tour visitors are
invited to donate the G-locks of their purchased bread to the I Shared Bread booth inside the
Gardenia plant. Upon donation of the reusable bread clip, their bread packaging is immediately
resealed onsite to lock in the freshness of the bread.

One G-lock is equivalent to two loaves of bread to be donated to selected beneficiaries,
including orphanages and NGOs. As of 26th of October 2023, Gardenia has successfully
collected a total of 2,960 G-Locks, equivalent to 5,920 loaves that will be donated to Gardenia’s
chosen charities – SOS Children’s Village in Iloilo and Marcellin Foundation Inc. in General
Santos City that both house and provide support to children in need.

The ‘I Shared Bread’ project was launched in 2011 under Gardenia’s corporate social
responsibility program. For the past 12 years, I Shared Bread has been actively supporting
various orphanages and charitable organizations every October, making a positive impact in the
lives of many beneficiaries, wherein more than 60,000 Gardenia loaves of bread have been
donated to assist in sustaining their daily food needs.

Gardenia’s commitment to ENRICHING LIVES continues even beyond October with the
company’s regular bread donations and outreach activities in different barangays in the country;
bringing delicious smiles to Filipino families one community at a time.