How to Perk up the Kids’ School Week

Did you know that “lack of personal interest” ranks as third reason for not attending school with 19.7 percent of out of school youth citing it? This was according to the results of the 2016 Annual Poverty Indicators Survey (APIS) by Philippine Statistics Authority.

But you can actually keep your kids from losing their interest in school. Take immediate action as soon as you notice that after some months, it may be getting difficult to convince your kids to go to school. As a parent, you may feel obliged to do something that will boost their interest. For instance, give them an irresistible “baon” treat like Twiggies — soft, moist, and bursting with flavors. It is filled with vitamins and minerals and made by Gardenia so you are assured that your kids are getting delicious, nutritious, and quality snack products.

Another thing you can do is to narrate your kids’ favorite memories of their educational tours such as their trip in Gardenia. Or tell the kids how going to school can be fun with Twiggies, friends and new learning! Or how about making each school day a ‘Twiggies statement’ day for the kids?

To start, here’s an idea from us.

#MotivatedMonday with Twiggies Yellow Cake

As early as now, you can teach your kids to let go of negative vibes at the start of school week. Instead of “Monday Blues”, why not make it “Motivated Mondays” with Twiggies Yellow Cake?

Twiggies Yellow Cake is a soft and moist butter flavored cake rich in Vitamin B1 and a source of Iron & Vitamin B3. Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B3 may help release energy from the food your kids had just eaten. So, the more Vitamin B1 and B3 your kids get, the more energy their bodies may have for their daily activities!  Iron, on the other hand, is an important component of red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. Without it, the body can’t get enough oxygen and becomes fatigued.

Twiggies Yellow Cake also comes in bright, sunny, yellow packaging that gives off this “yahoo-it’s-Monday” positivism.

Perhaps, sooner or later, you can see your kids ecstatic at the start of school week with Twiggies Yellow Cake. No more Monday Blues, just Motivated Mondays!

#TrendyTuesday with Twiggies Pink Cake

Even if you haven’t heard of Millenial Pink, you’ve seen it. You just didn’t know that it went by this name. First coined by New York magazine in 2016, Millenial Pink was originally a “toned-down version” of Barbie Pink, and has since became the standard trend color of strawberry or rose-flavored treats.

Just take a look at the Twiggies Pink Cake which comes in Tutti Frutti flavor and attractive, trendy pink packaging. It can be the dream food for a cool girl with a sweet tooth!

Your kid is a boy? No worries! He will still love this soft and moist Twiggies cake because there’s more to Twiggies than its trendy color. Twiggies Pink Cake is also a source of Iron and rich in Vitamin B3 just like its yellow counterpart.

#WellnessWednesday with Twiggies Choco-Brown Cake

Perhaps, one of your concerns as a parent is the disdain of your kids for healthy food due to “lack of taste.” So, here’s an answer from Gardenia – Twiggies Choco-Brown Cake! Yes, it’s also soft and moist, loaded with chocolatey goodness. Not only that, it is high in Vitamin A, B2, and B3 and a source of Iron and Vitamin B1!

While the other vitamins and mineral benefits are already mentioned above, Vitamin A is essential for the functioning of eyes and Vitamin B2 helps to boost energy levels.

Whoa! That’s a whole lot of goodness there!

#ThankfulThursday with Twiggies for the Teacher

Teach your kids to be appreciative of their teacher. Appreciation does not call for grand gifts because a simple and sincere gesture will do. For a teacher who dedicated her life for the learning of your kids, what’s more heartwarming than a kid sharing his Twiggies baon with her?

#FriendshipFriday with Twiggies

Sharing is a golden rule for friendship, tried and tested method to meet new friends! Why not let your kids bring all the variants of Twiggies so they can share it in school and bless others too? The spirit of giving lives on, whether it’s holiday or not!

Trendy, tasty, and packed with goodness! What more can you ask for? Grab now your polybags of Gardenia Twiggies at only Php40 from your nearest supermarket. To keep you posted with the latest information and promos from Gardenia Philippines, follow Gardenia Snack Treats on Facebook!