Hot or not, Gardenia Pandesal is your all-day everyday choice

Having such a wide selection of bread choices, whether rye, sourdough, baguette or Panini, Middle Eastern flatbreads or twice-baked biscottis, deciding which ones to try may be difficult.

Yet, when it comes to something down home and comforting, nothing beats the ever popular pandesal.

It’s our breakfast table staple, eaten in our favorite ways. We dunk it in our morning coffee or mug of choco. Toasted slightly and torn in pieces, it’s perfect for mopping up a runny fried egg. Slice halfway through, it’s great stuffed with cheddar slices or an egg salad, peanut butter or coco jam, hotdog or meat loaf. On weekends when there’s time, pandesal can be sliced in two for a fancier, piled-on open-faced sandwich or to make into a pizza pandesal. Or, pandesal is just eaten as is.

Often, the neighborhood bakery, mostly just a short walk from home, has been our source of our morning pandesal, fresh-baked and still warm.

But only Gardenia made pandesal not just good in the mornings but the whole day or anytime of the day. Because it’s produced by Gardenia, it is made from the premium finest ingredients baked in a modern way perfected using a world-class facility. Thus, hot or not, with or without filling Gardenia Pandesal can be enjoyed anytime of the day! In just the perfect size, it’s easy to pack two or three to snack on during work breaks, or as a quick lunch, as school baon or merienda and, quickly stuffed with spreadable cheese or leftovers from dinner, it makes a great midnight snack when you’re watching TV or doing homework late into the night.

And now you need not just rely on the neighborhood bakery to grab a bite of pandesal. As the source of anything bread-related that’s definitely fresh, delicious, nutritious and convenient, Gardenia has made our fave morning staple available all day, every day, in two exciting variants.

Take Gardenia’s Premium Pandesal. Capturing all that we love about the bread, the premium line is delightfully soft inside and crusty outside, but “siksik,” firm and full to the bite. Open the 10-piece bag and out wafts the fresh, oven-baked aroma.

If you’re partial to something softer, Gardenia’s Soft Delight Pandesal is for you. Made especially to delight the whole family, it’s affordable and comes in packs of 12.

In fact, when it comes to food safety, you know Gardenia is made to the highest international standards, uncompromising in the way it guarantees freshness, nutritive value and manufacturing quality.

So, while Ate may sometimes pack a rye bread sandwich to the office, Kuya eats a wedge of garlic baguette with his spaghetti, and Mom or Dad may occasionally enjoy their coffee with biscotti, every member of the family still loves their pandesal.

Whether hot or not, Gardenia’s Premium Pandesal and Soft Delight Pandesal are a family staple. Delicious, convenient, with fresh-baked goodness, they’re versatile as a main meal or an in-between snack, and can be enjoyed all day every day.

Gardenia’s Premium Pandesal and Soft Delight Pandesal are available at all supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.