Going for an active lifestyle? Check out this Masarap and Nutritious Bread that is good for boosting your energy!

Even with our busy schedules, practicing a healthy lifestyle should always be a priority. After all, looking after your physical and mental wellness is also a form of self-love.

So here’s a to-do list that you can consider trying today: first is to grab your calendar and set aside days for relaxation and working out. Recharge and reset on weekends and inject any kind of physical activity whenever possible: a quick bike ride around the neighborhood, a short run after work, or 30-minutes of dance workout— any activity that will strengthen your bones and muscles will do a lot of good.

Next step? Prepare your body for all the physical activities on your fitness plan— making sure to raise your nutrient intake and to maintain a diet that will help sustain your energy. And to do this properly, it’s important to review your food choices and consider what your body actually needs.

Finding the right partner for your diet and active lifestyle

With the exciting mix of products that are available in the market today, you are sure to find pantry staples, such as bread, that will serve as the perfect partner for your journey to a healthy and active lifestyle. Just by reading the food labels and nutrition facts, you’ll be able to score products that are both good for the body and also great for the palate. Ultimately, the goal is to find delicious yet wholesome options that will boost your energy so you can maintain your active lifestyle.

In the case of bread, some of you may wonder: “Is eating bread still reasonable even while you’re trying to switch to a more active and healthier lifestyle?” The answer is YES! It just boils down to the kind of bread that you will choose.

Gardenia Wheat Raisin Loaf placed on a wooden cutting board with light blue background

With Gardenia High Fiber Wheat Raisin Loaf, you’ll find just the right partner for fueling your body with the energy it needs. It contains Vitamins B1, B2 and B3, which help release energy from the proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the food that we eat, aiding our body in its energy production. In addition, this Gardenia bread is a good source of Vitamin A and Folate for our overall health.

Looking for something yummy? This wheat bread has got you covered too as great taste and nutrition become an inseparable duo with Gardenia’s High Fiber Wheat Raisin Loaf.

Laden with juicy California raisins, every slice bursts with a flavorful sweetness, and more importantly, you can enjoy the nutritional benefits that come with raisins and whole wheat. These are both sources of fiber, which helps you stay fuller longer so you can avoid snacking on unhealthy food in between meals. With the right wheat bread, your taste buds will find reasons to jump for joy – with less guilt

Healthy recipes and tips for your fitness goals

Aside from the High Fiber Wheat Raisin Loaf, Gardenia also offers two other variants of whole wheat bread that are certainly “Masarap na, Nutritious Pa!” There’s the High Fiber Whole Wheat Bread, which combines the goodness of all-natural wholemeal flour and the yummy taste of honey; and the High Fiber Wheat Cranberry Loaf, which is made from premium whole wheat flour and laden with sweetened dried cranberries.

Gardenia High Fiber Wheat Bread, Gardenia High Fiber Wheat Raisin Loaf, High Fiber Wheat Cranberry Loaf

Pan Seared Tilapia and Mango Salsa Sandwich and Cajun Grilled Chicken Asparagus Rolls

With these healthy and delicious bread options, you can explore so many possibilities on how to enjoy your whole wheat bread. While they are great on their own, you can also use your Gardenia bread in whipping up healthy dishes and snacks every day. Through Gardenia’s website, you can check out easy-to-follow recipes such as Pan Seared Tilapia and Mango Salsa Sandwich and Cajun Grilled Chicken Asparagus Rolls. These recipes deliver a variety of flavors perfect for meals any time of the day.

Whether you enjoy your whole wheat bread as part of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner or as your pre/post workout snack, adding this to your well-balanced diet can also be a yummy treat while helping you stay on track of your fitness goals.

Meanwhile, for more tips on achieving and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, you can also catch the fourth episode of the “Feel Lighter, Better, and Healthier with Gardenia High Fiber Webinar Series!” featuring certified diet and fitness coach, Kat Aglipay on Gardenia’s Nutrition & Wellness Facebook page.


Gardenia High Fiber Wheat Raisin Loaf, High Fiber Whole Wheat Bread and High Fiber Wheat Cranberry Loaf are available at supermarkets and convenience stores near you./PN


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