Gardenia’s social responsibility involvements benefit thousands of Filipinos

Quality, innovative and safe products have always been the hallmark of Gardenia breads for the past 16 years, breads that give not just an extraordinary experience but an assured delight and satisfaction.

Using its unique, advance and modern baking process, complemented with the finest ingredients from all over the world, Gardenia answers the demands of the consumers when it comes to high quality bakery products to cater to the ever changing taste preferences of Pinoys.

It’s state-of-the-art bread manufacturing facility, fully automated baking process, best quality products, and dedicated people are Gardenia’s pillars of success as proven in the past decade.

Aside from making breads known for their freshness, good taste, softness, oven-baked aroma, and nutritive value, Gardenia Bakeries Philippines is also a staunch advocate of bringing about social change and giving back to society by contributing its resources for the welfare and development of Filipinos to uplift their quality of life.

Gardenia’s plant in Cebu is one of its instruments in educating students on the modern bread making process. The plant visit is free of charge and is commonly visited by students, parents, professionals and community groups.

During the height of natural disasters like floods, typhoons and fires, Gardenia is at the forefront of relief efforts to alleviate the suffering of the victims. The company regularly partners with relief and civic organizations to provide food, aid and assistance. In 2013, the leading bread company donated thousands of bread loaves to victims in many flood-stricken areas where flooding caused by monsoon rains is a frequent occurrence.  It also provided aid relief to families affected by oil spills in Cebu. On the same year, Gardenia worked with relief organizations, local government units and socio-civic groups to speedily distribute thousands of bread loaves to victims of massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake that devastated the Bohol area. 

But who will forget Typhoon Yolanda that massively damaged major parts of Visayas? Indeed, the world’s strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded causing the loss of thousands of lives and making millions of families homeless. Gardenia immediately responded to the disaster by donating thousands of loaves of bread through the Philippine Red Cross, Department of Social Welfare and Development, media foundations, and other charitable groups and private individuals. 

Last year’s Gardenia Happy Bread Day fair was able to collect 11,000 loaves from the “I Shared Bread” campaign, where every G-Lock donated by a customer is equivalent to one loaf of bread to be donated to three beneficiaries including White Cross in Manila, Don Bosco Boys’ Home and Training Center in Cebu and Bohol quake victims.

Gardenia also actively participated in the Department of Trade and Industry’s ‘Diskwento Caravan’ program, a government-initiated project that enables people in ravaged communities in Samar, Leyte and various towns in Visayas purchase basic goods and commodities at discounted prices.

Gardenia is also an advocate of environmental protection and conservation. Gardenia took part in the tree-planting activity in Adlaon, Cebu City, in cooperation with the Pollution Control Association of the Philippines Central Visayas. The activity is part of the National Greening Program that aims to plant 1.5 billion trees within six years.

These efforts are apart from Gardenia’s continual partnerships and participation with charitable organizations and individuals, media foundations and private groups in conducting medical and dental missions, feeding program and vitamin supplementation activities.

And because Gardenia lives up to its genuine social commitment, Filipinos can count not only on its best quality breads but also on its ways of enriching lives.