Gardenia Plant Tour Goes Online

Gardenia shifts to Online Plant Tour as it continuously share its world-class bread making process to students and teachers during this new normal distance learning.

The Gardenia Plant Tour offers an opportunity for the students and teachers to know its best food manufacturing practices as they take a tour of the bread manufacturing facility. During the online plant tour, the students are also taught the importance of a balanced diet and nutrition, as well as proper hand washing, which is relevant now that we are facing a pandemic.

The online plant tour also includes some bread recipe ideas, which students and teachers can enjoy doing at home. Students are encouraged to create Gardenia recipes to have a taste of the delightful and healthy bread recipes.

Before the pandemic hits, Gardenia has been one of the top educational field trip destinations, sharing its expertise in the bread-making process to teachers, students, and their parents as part of their learning experience during face-to-face plant tours.

Gardenia is inviting schools to experience the online plant tour to make learning more fun and interesting.

Interested schools may visit the Gardenia Plant Tour Facebook page for more information and registration or call (02) 8889-8890 loc. 1243.