Gardenia participates in tree planting activity in Cebu

More than being compliant with the National Greening Program that aims to plant 1.5 billion trees within six years, Gardenia also recognizes the importance of protecting the environment.

Recently, Gardenia took part in the tree planting program held in Adlaon, Cebu in cooperation with Pollution Control Association of the Philippines Region (PCAPI) VII. Mr. Antonio Atillo, PCAPI PRO External and Acting Chairman, spearheaded the activity with the help of the members of the organization. Representatives from Gardenia, Corporate Relations Manager Mary Ann Cabrera, and Community Relations Supervisor Quennie Comple, Gardenia Cebu OIC Darius Panganiban and Marketing Staff Jerome Lim actively participated in the tree planting initiative.
During the activity, Mr. Edmund Gacis, Coffee Technical Supervisor, Nestle- Agri Services for Visayas, explained and demonstrated proper handling and planting of coffee, specifically Robusta sp.
Coffee tree was chosen as this can grow and be fruitful in a span of one and a half years. In this way, it can be a source of income to the residents.
To ensure the growth of the trees, the community in Adlaon, Cebu and PCAPI VII will monitor and continuously nurture the planted seedlings.