MANILA, Philippines –  Gardenia Bakeries Philippines Inc. (GBPI), a manufacturer of breads known for their freshness, oven-baked aroma, softness, and nutritive value, through its Gardenia Nutrition and Wellness (Gardenia N&W) team, recently went to the IBM Philippines office in Quezon City.

Team Gardenia provided essential nutrition counseling and other helpful information, especially on meal preparation using Gardenia Health Breads and other concerns on health and nutrition.

The activity was part of Gardenia’s “Tagged Healthy” nutrition and diet needs campaign, the company’s continuous advocacy to promote wellness and healthy lifestyle among many Filipino consumers.

Aine de Guzman, Gardenia N&W’s resident nutritionist-dietitian, said many people often neglect the value of eating healthy food because of the varying kinds of work and lifestyle that they have.

“They even skip meals because of their different work schedules. They really don’t eat right that’s why we also want to inculcate in them that there is no reason why they should not eat nutritious food. Gardenia has a wide range of bread choices suited to their needs and lifestyle,” De Guzman said on the sidelights of the IBM Health Camp.

The Gardenia N&W team recently held a nutrition counseling and lecture activity at the IBM Philippines’ office located at UP-Ayala TechnoHub in Quezon City, one of the many places the team has visited throughout the country for the “Tagged Healthy” campaign.

Aside from being provided with beneficial health and nutrition tips, the employees and other consumers present were also taught how to come up with easy-to-prepare sandwiches even if they are in a hurry, using Gardenia’s popular breads like the Classic White Bread.

De Guzman, however, said that aside from the Gardenia Classic White, there are also a lot of Gardenia bread products that employees can use to prepare great-tasting and nutritious meals in a jiffy, in particular Gardenia’s range of “healthylicious” bread choices.

Some of them include the High Fiber Whole Wheat Bread, High Fiber Wheat Raisin Loaf, Honey Oat Loaf, Slim ‘n Fit, High Calcium Milk Bread and Sugar Free 12-Grain Loaf.

The High Fiber Whole Wheat Bread, according to De Guzman, is high in dietary fiber that may help cleanse the digestive system and promote good digestion. It can help achieve one’s ideal weight since it’s a high fiber food, which may satisfy hunger on fewer calories. 

Meanwhile, the High Fiber Wheat Raisin Loaf may help cleanse the digestive system, and the raisins are good allies when it comes to fighting aging and diseases since they are rich in antioxidants.

On the other hand, Gardenia Honey Oat Loaf “that contains beta-glucan from oats” may help maintain a healthy heart while the Slim ‘n Fit variant helps health-conscious people and weight-watchers maintain their ideal weight because of the presence of L-Carnitine, a type of amino acid that helps turn fat into energy partnered with regular exercise, and is also a natural antioxidant.


Lastly, Gardenia’s High Calcium Milk Bread can also help build strong bones and teeth while the Gardenia Sugar Free 12-Grain Loaf may also help keep blood sugar level normal.