Creative Ways of Using G-lock


Gardenia is the first in the country to use the unique resealable and reusable plastic clip called G-lock which seals in the bread´s freshness. The G-lock is easy to use and consumer-friendly as it contains all of the vital information such as the expiration date and suggested retail price. In addition, it serves as a 7-day color guide to freshness referring to the day the bread was produced—tan is the G-lock color for Monday, orange for Tuesday, yellow for Wednesday, blue for Thursday, green for Friday, red for Saturday and white for Sunday.

 But apart from keeping consumers guaranteed that they only get the freshest breads, this G-lock is also reusable in different creative ways. Here are some DIY creative ways of using G-lock.


1). Wire Holder – Are you tired of your tangled charger wires? G-lock can be the answer to those inevitable tangles! Wind them neatly around the G-lock and you’ll never have to untangle those wires everytime.

2). Mug Placemat – Did you know that you can customize your placemat with G-lock? Collect G-lock, preferably with different colors, arrange them into a square enough to your desired size!

3). Wire Labels – You know when you have to unplug one thing from a power strip, but you’re not sure which one? Tag your cords with colourful G-lock and label them. Now you’ll never have to guess again!

4). Key Tag ­– Do you have a bunch of keys that you use on a daily basis? Tag it with G-lock, write what the key opens onto the bread tag and then use it as a key ring!

5). Box / Organizer – G-Lock can also be a big help in organizing your stuff too! You can now avoid clutter in your drawer with this box which can store small items such as paper clips, staple wires, push pins and many more!

We’re pretty sure that there are many other uses of G-lock! Of course, if you happen to lose one, you can always get yourself a Gardenia Bread! You don’t only get the freshest breads but also a G-lock with different uses!

Just always remember to keep your G-lock and save them for future use. Can you think of other uses with G-lock? Make yours now and feel free to tag us on our social media accounts – Facebook: Gardenia Philippines; Twitter & Instagram: @gardeniaph