One of the commitments of Gardenia is to help mitigate negative environmental impact through sustainable practices that promote environment protection and conservation.

Environment-friendly operations

Environment recognition

The Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) awarded Gardenia for being one of the compliant companies on the 6th cycle of the Public Disclosure Program for Laguna de Bay Region Good Environmental Performance (LdBR-GEP) based on Gardenia’s business performance from 2010 to 2012 with regards to its achieving wastewater effluents better than applicable standards and compliance with LLDA regulatory requirements.

Waste management activities

Gardenia also strictly implements recycling and waste segregation programs. The company also uses liquefied petroleum gas in its baking process, and a Waste Water Facility that treats water before it is discharged into the sewers. All delivery trucks undergo regular maintenance to reduce air pollution.

Environment conservation practices

Gardenia participated in a tree planting activity in Cebu in cooperation with the Pollution Control Association of the Philippines Central Visayas, in support of the National Greening Program. An initial 100 trees were already planted out of the targeted 1000 trees within one year.