Research and Development Supervisor

Job description

  • Recommends approach in carrying out tests executes experimentation and interprets results.
  • Provides assistance to production where necessary.
  • Develops new product formulations and creates experimentation plans.
  • Executes experimentation on laboratory and production scale
  • Evaluates products and execute necessary actions to attain the desired result.
  • Assists in identifying needed equipment for new projects.
  • Checks and validates the feasibility of troubleshooting/recycling procedures in the actual production line
  • Consolidates and reports the status of projects
  • Prepares Technical documents related to assigned project(s).
  • Conducts production process audit.
  • Checks/audits 5’s implementation in the workplace


  • Graduate of BS Food Technology, BS Chemistry, BS Nutrition, or any other related course
  • Should have supervisory experience and at least four (4) years of experience in R&D / Product Development preferably in the baking industry
  • Preferably with GMP and HALAL Standard Awareness and Understanding
  • Preferably with knowledge in industrial Baking Technology
  • Should understand the Principles of Sensory evaluation test, procedures, analysis, and interpretation of results
  • Preferably with knowledge in ISO and HACCP requirements and standards
  • Amenable to work onsite and willing to extend working hours when the need arises