Principal purpose of the position

Assists the Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager and the Junior Associate Lawyer in the day-to-day running of the affairs of the legal team of the company.

Primary duties and responsibilities

  • Conducts legal research regarding factual and legal issues relative to cases handled by the legal team.
  • Assists the legal team in ensuring the safekeeping and maintenance of relevant company records pertaining to the company’s corporate and legal affairs.
  • Prepares executive summaries of the cases and legal matters handled by the legal team.
  • Cross-checks and validates information relative to the administrative, labor, criminal and civil cases handled by the legal team.
  • Assists in the drafting of legal documents and instruments (i.e., briefs, pleadings, memoranda, contracts, waivers, etc.)
  • Maintains and keeps records of all correspondence, demand letters, notices, and transmittals.
  • Checks, analyzes, and edits legal forms, applications, and documentary submissions to government regulatory bodies for the accuracy and correctness of the information supplied.
  • Build and preserve databases and files.
  • Organize, update, and track case files.
  • Keeps track of amendments to existing laws and regulations and ensures the cascading of relevant information on the same for the company.
  • Facilitates the search and interview of witnesses.
  • Assists the legal team in trial preparation.


  • Degree in Bachelor of Laws; or
  • With a certificate program in Paralegal Studies and graduate of any four-year course.
  • With good understanding and awareness of GMP, ISO, HACCP, and HALAL principles and standards.
  • Must be competent and proficient in the use of legal databases and other programs that are necessary in the preparation of legal documents, such as Microsoft Office Applications
  • Preferably with at least one (1) year of experience in paralegal functions
  • Fresh graduates are welcome to apply