Baeby Baste’s Mom shares how she spends time with family

Keeping a close family tie is tough nowadays. Spending quality time is important to connect better with children.  Sometimes one needs to be creative to ensure a deep, strong family bond.

Mommy Sheila Granfon, mother of the cheeky child star Baeby Baste of the popular noontime show “Eat Bulaga” on GMA 7, said she will never compromise family time for anything else. She shared how they usually spend a meaningful time together for all the members of the family.

“As a mom, I am always hands on when it comes to taking care of my children and husband. I make it a point that what happens in the house is always quality time,” Mommy Sheila narrated.

Home is where the Granfons spend their bonding moments. “We bake together or watch movies or videos on television. We play house. Hindi nawawala yun,” she added.

Yet nothing is sweeter than sharing your favorite snacks with  members of the family during these precious moments.

“My kids love spaghetti with toasted slices of bread. Spaghetti and NeuBake Super Slice  go very well. ‘Yun po ang ka-partner ng spaghetti nila. Sometimes I put butter on the bread,” she said.

Mommy Sheila also underscored the importance of education for her children. Despite her son’s showbiz status, she makes sure that Baste goes to school like everyone else.

Just recently, Baste started to attend one-on-one sessions in a school in Quezon City. He goes to school after Eat Bulaga and spends at least one hour and a half in the school. Then once a month, Baste would meet his classmates for recognition day.

Mommy Sheila narrated how Baste was during the first few days of school,”Baste cried. We tried to overcome his separation anxiety. His elder brother Sam is quite independent. Some people suggest that Baste should be home-schooled,but I want him to go to a real school.

For Baste’s baon, the child star loves egg sandwich. “He enjoys NeuBake Super Slice with egg and cheese. He’s happy with it. He also likes it when it is toasted and crunchy,” his mom revealed

Mommy Sheila says NeuBake Super Slice is so affordable and convenient for her family. For a morning person like her and her husband, a casual meal consisting of Neubake Super Slice bread and coffee is enough.

“Sometimes when I’m in a hurry, I just bring a pack of NeuBake Super Slice in the car then we bring spread for the bread,” she said.

Rehearsing for Baste’s number has also become a bonding time for the family. “While cooking, I would sing the song that Baste would perform in ‘Eat Bulaga.’   Then I would repeat it several times. For big events, Baste and I would lock ourselves in the room to rehearse so there would be no distractions.”

Baste is also a responsible gadget user, according to his mom. “He has a gadget. But when I tell him it’s time to sleep or rest, he would turn over his gadget to me.”

Mommy Sheila, however, has a different opinion when it comes to adults using gadgets. She believes that they should limit the time in using cellphones or computers when spending time with the family.

“If you think you are spending more time with your cellphones or gadgets than your family, then stop! Nawawala na yung quality time for them. Parents should also allot a time limit for themselves when using gadgets,” she said.