Always Gardenia: Your Daily Fresh Bread for 25 Years and Beyond

Since 1998, Gardenia Philippines has taken the craft of baking to a game-changing level; pioneering the modern way of bread making in the country and serving world-class packaged breads to generations of Filipinos. With the company’s commitment to ensure consistent quality and high standards of food safety, Gardenia found a recipe to success, evolving into a household favorite from being an unknown bread brand in the 90s. For 25 years, Gardenia has become a delicious part of Filipinos’ daily routines, happy memories and joyous occasions.

Gardenia’s river of bread produced in its fully-automated baking facility.

World-Class Bakery Plants and Adherence to Food Safety

Gardenia revolutionized the local bread scene by producing freshly-baked loaf breads using the finest ingredients and its fully automated facilities. Its bakery plants in Laguna, Pampanga, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro utilize the best baking technologies the world has to offer; bringing together the most advanced baking equipments from the United States and Europe.

With Gardenia’s bread manufacturing facilities in key cities in the Philippines, combined with its unique distribution system and massive fleet of delivery trucks, the company delivers fresh bread daily to retailers; ensuring that Filipinos from all over the country will have access to nutritious and great-tasting bread anytime and anywhere. 

As a consumer-focused company, adherence to food safety is also a major component of Gardenia’s operations. With its world-class standards of quality and efficiency, Gardenia has earned its ISO, HACCP and IDCP-Halal certifications. These accomplishments further assure that consumers only get the highest quality products in the market.

Large fleet of delivery trucks ensuring that fresh breads are delivered daily.

Delicious Fresh Bread for Every Filipino

For more than two decades, numerous families have relied on Gardenia’s Classic White Bread for their filling meals. Baked fresh everyday and packed with essential vitamins and minerals, it has become a pantry staple that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. It has delighted consumers with its aroma, softness and great taste— when it’s Gardenia, you know that it’s always masarap kahit walang palaman.

Over the years, Gardenia has also grown its offerings, making sure to adapt to the evolving needs of Filipinos. Gardenia has a line of delicious high-fiber bread that doesn’t compromise the nutritional benefits of whole wheat. Whether you’re on a doctor-recommended diet for better health, or practicing healthier eating habits as a preventive measure, you can count on Gardenia for breads that are both delicious and good for the body. 

And by developing original bread concepts for its consumers, Gardenia has made ordinary moments more colorful with breads that are baked to amaze and delight the senses. Who would have thought that a single loaf of bread can have two flavors like ube and cheese? Or a dessert such as black forest cake can be transformed into a premium loaf? 

No matter their age, consumers can find a Gardenia bread that suits their appetite, may it be a loaf bread, pandesal, flavored buns like cheese bread, or snacks such as muffins and toast. 

A Celebration and a Commitment

For Gardenia Philippines, its 25th anniversary marks a celebration and an unrelenting promise – a commitment to producing best quality products always; a passion for promoting wellness and healthier lifestyles to Filipinos; and dedication to giving back to consumers & communities in every way it can.

From as far north as Aparri, all the way to the southern peninsula of Zamboanga, Gardenia will ensure that consumers will have access to their favorite classic white bread, high-fiber whole wheat bread, flavored bread and snacks. For 25 years and beyond, Gardenia’s mission to provide world-class quality products will remain a constant. Fresh. Nutritious. Always Gardenia.