Always Gardenia: A Filipino favorite through the years

With over 20 years of experience and excellence in modern bread making, Gardenia Philippines has built a heritage of consistently serving world-class quality bread to Filipino consumers nationwide. It is a commitment that dates back to 1998 when Gardenia opened its operations in Laguna.

Today, Gardenia Bakeries Philippines, whose parent company is Singapore-based QAF Limited, continues to provide enjoyable bakery products that are within sight, within reach, and within the hearts of consumers, a mission that is highly exemplified by its crown jewel, the Gardenia Classic White Bread. 

Always Fresh

Ever since 1998, Gardenia has always been highly dedicated to serving only freshly baked bread to its consumers. Currently, Gardenia Philippines has 5 bakery plants strategically located in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, allowing the company to operate its state-of-the-art bread manufacturing facilities across the country. And with its unique distribution system and massive fleet of delivery trucks, Gardenia is able to deliver to supermarkets and other retailers with the guarantee of freshness in all of its products.

With this, Filipinos have grown to love the brand, recognizing the great taste, softness, and aroma of its loaf bread from the first to the last slice. And even with the ever-changing bread market in the country, Gardenia’s Classic White Bread remains to be a pantry staple in many households through the years.

Always Nutritious

As it is made using premium ingredients, the Gardenia Classic White Bread is not just delicious, but it is packed with essential nutrients and minerals for overall health. It is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B1, iodine, and folate; and it also contains calcium, iron, and vitamin B3. 

Meanwhile, Gardenia Bakeries Philippines, being a consumer-focused food company, is also dedicated to ensuring food safety – making it a vital component of its operations. Gardenia continues to adhere to its quality standards to remain ISO and HACCP-certified by Certification International Philippines, Inc. (CIP). Moreover, its Classic White Bread is Halal-certified by the Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines, Inc. These certifications further assure that every Filipino consumer only gets the highest quality products in the market.

Always Gardenia

Gardenia Bakeries Philippines will continue serving great-tasting bread that is always freshly baked and packed with nutritive value. It is a mission that the company has taken to heart since 1998 up to the present; a legacy that it aims to carry on as Filipino families deserve consistency in quality – Fresh. Nutritious. Always Gardenia.