Always a Happy Bread Day with Gardenia!

Celebrating Great Products and the Gift of Sharing This World Bread Month

As you may have already known, October is World Bread Month with an international observance celebrated on October 16 every year. It is dedicated to celebrating bread – its variety and goodness, being a staple food that has been of great importance in nearly every culture and country around the world. Whether it’s the classic white bread you prefer, the healthier wheat bread, or the premium artisanal and flavored bread, October is a month to remember.

Happy Bread Day in the Philippines

Gardenia Bakeries Philippines, the leading bread manufacturer in the country, has been celebrating this delicious occasion since 2011 through events like bread fairs, sandwich competitions and in-store activities where bread lovers can enjoy free bread and premium Gardenia items. Taking inspiration from how the freshly baked, nutritious, and delicious Gardenia breads can bring happiness to Filipino families in every special moment, Gardenia’s Happy Bread Day aims to replicate the same feelings of joy and festivity. It’s about the excitement one would look forward to when celebrating birthdays, fiestas, and even the holiday season. 

And for us Filipinos, happiness is usually drawn from being together while sharing a good meal and enjoying each other’s company. As the saying goes, “Happiness is best when shared.” That’s why in every Happy Bread Day celebration, Gardenia values the gift of sharing bread. One can celebrate Happy Bread Day by bonding with your family over your favorite Gardenia sandwiches – pairing them with your favorite beverage or experimenting with new bread recipes, even partnering your bread with your comfort ulam.

Some may even celebrate bread day with their friends by trying out Gardenia’s different bread variants such as muffins, pandesal, filled buns and toast. Although breads can be enjoyed any time of the year, Happy Bread Day symbolizes a unique time when you can go all-out with bread. Just like what some bread fans would say, when it’s October, whether it’s in the supermarket or in Gardenia’s on-ground events, it’s always raining bread!

The Gift of Sharing with Your Community

October can also become the perfect time to share bread with your community. And that is just the case for Gardenia’s “I Shared Bread” project. We all know how bread and butter feel like the perfect combination – not too far off is how Gardenia’s Happy Bread Day and the “I Shared Bread” project make an inseparable duo – ever since 2011. 

Aside from the company’s year-round bread donations, Gardenia spearheads the I Shared Bread activity every October wherein consumers can participate in the bread donation drive for the benefit of chosen charities and organizations.

For instance, during the pre-pandemic years from 2011 to 2019, Gardenia plant tour visitors including kids and their parents were able to share bread by donating G-locks from their Gardenia Bread Store purchases. Gardenia matched these G-locks with bread donations resulting in thousands of Gardenia loaves shared with kids residing in orphanages. Moreover, the I Shared Bread project has also supported different communities in the country including the families affected by the siege in Marawi in 2018 and several groups of frontliners during the height of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

I Shared Bread in the New Normal

This year, the I Shared Bread project continues amidst the limitation brought by social distancing. Bread lovers in selected areas in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao can participate in the project through Gardenia Philippines’ e-commerce platforms. 

With every loaf bought online via Gardenia’s flagship store on Lazada and Shopee from October 12 to 31, as well as Pandamart from Oct 24 to 27, Gardenia will be donating one loaf of bread on your behalf to chosen beneficiaries. Thus this October, the happiness brought by every Gardenia bread you get – will be the same joy to be shared with deserving kids. Happy Bread Day will be extra merrier as these children will enjoy the same world-class bread that you love.

Always Gardenia This Happy Bread Day and Beyond

In Gardenia, Happy Bread Day, along with other special occasions that come before and after it, will always be dedicated to celebrating and sharing great-tasting bread that is baked fresh and packed with nutritive value. This is Gardenia’s guarantee, driven by the company’s mission to serve the best quality baked goods to every Filipino.

Whether you’re celebrating at home with your family or breaking bread with your community, every consumer can rely on Gardenia in bringing happiness not just every October but all the days of 2022 and the years to come.