Altanghap gets a fresh look: Now made more filling and nutritious with Gardenia’s Classic White Bread

With our days loaded with non-stop tasks left and right, grab-and-go altanghap meals will certainly make our schedules less hectic. But in this generation of brekky and mukbang eaters, some of you might ask, what is altanghap

A colloquial term coined many years back, altanghap – which means almusal, tanghalian, and hapunan – was often used by people who were so busy that there’s only enough time to eat one meal the entire day. 

Today, with Gardenia’s delicious sandwich ideas, altanghap gets a fresher vibe! You don’t have to skip meals when your day gets too bustling. With your favorite bread, you can enjoy filling and nutritious meals any time of the day whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In other words, you can #GardeniaAnytime!

Something delicious to try: Ulam as palaman! 

With Gardenia’s Classic White Bread, your altanghap is guaranteed to be always delicious. Using just 2-3 slices of bread, your sandwich possibilities become endless!  

For a morning treat, start your day with a tomato omelette or chorizo & cheese, or tapa flakes sandwich. Then for lunch and dinner, have your ulam as palaman! It’ll be a new and exciting way of enjoying your favorite menudo, bistek, or chicken inasal. Plus, you can easily bring it anywhere as your baon at work or in school. 

For your sweet snack and merienda, you have a number of choices too, such as peanut butter & banana, strawberry jam, and ice cream sandwich. No matter if it’s for your appetizer, main course, or dessert, by using your freshly baked Gardenia bread, your altanghap sandwich will always be satisfying.

Altanghap that’s always nutritious

Moreover, Gardenia’s Classic White Bread is not just great-tasting, but it is packed with a number of nutrients and minerals. It is high in vitamin A, vitamin B1, iodine, and folate; and it also contains calcium, iron, and vitamin B3. From the first to the last slice, you are guaranteed that your altanghap sandwiches will be as nourishing as your usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. 

With Gardenia’s Classic White Bread, you can make your altanghap extra filling and nutritious any time of the day. Just don’t forget to grab two loaves when you’re grocery shopping to keep your pantry always fully stocked. You can also order online via Lazada, Shopee, and Pandamart.

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