5 Reasons Why People Fall In Love with Gardenia Muffin

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought changes to the lives of the many — from daily tasks at home or in the office to transportation to community rules and regulations. Because movement has strict restrictions and a lot of activities have shifted online, people have more time to spend at home. This new normal has been challenging, yet because of this, people realized that it is important to take a break, appreciate and reward oneself with something indulgent like Gardenia Muffins. 

Gardenia Muffin is made with premium ingredients, and undeniably soft and moist. What seals the deal with this snack is the sprinkled streusels on top — a crumbly, milky, and buttery topping that goes perfectly with the muffins that will make you fall in love with. And here are the top 5 reasons why these muffins are definitely a must loved treat. 

Different flavors, different cravings 

Gardenia Muffin has three flavors for your different cravings. It has the all-time favorite, Chocolate Muffin that is packed with rich and generous real chocolate bits. If you’re a fan of banana bread, you are sure to love the Banana Choco Muffin. It has a rich chocolatey twist with real banana fruit bits. If you’re looking for something a little fruity but sweet, the Blueberry Muffin is for you! It has real blueberry bits that complements and adds flavor to the soft and moist snack cake. 

Pantry-friendly and affordable 

Each Gardenia muffin is in sealed packaging to lock in the freshness and premium delightfulness, so you wouldn’t have to worry about restocking every other day. Because these muffins are so flavorful and affordable, you could not simply resist the idea of getting another muffin for later! (Note: Did you know that you can still get that freshly-baked moist and soft qualities of Gardenia Muffins even after a few days? Try it for yourself!) 

Light and muffin-tastic breaks 

Gardenia Muffin is a convenient sweet treat that you can easily get a grab on if you’re busy with your day. Make your much needed break more muffin-tastic. Munch on some chocolatey goodness, candied fruits, or both! Gardenia Muffins has that all for you! These are best enjoyed in between breaks from work-from-home or online school, or a sweet treat to lighten up your mood and get your game on! Isn’t it really muffin-tastic? 

Explore endless possibilities 

We know that these Gardenia Muffins are sooo good, you can enjoy it as is, but you can level up that muffin-tastic experience by pairing these Gardenia Muffins with coffee, milk, tea or

whatever your drink is, we’re certain that it’s a perfect combination. Explore different ways to enjoy this snack like adding whipped cream for a fluffy mouthful feeling! Anything is possible with Gardenia Muffin, you can also try to incorporate these to your baking recipes and turn it into something innovative and enjoyable like Muffin balls. For more tips and recipe ideas, you can browse through #KusinaNiGardee on Gardenia’s official Facebook page. 

Sweet treat and reward 

Do not wait for a special occasion to reward yourself or your cherished ones. Gardenia Muffins are a perfect gift for your parents, siblings or colleagues. Celebrate your small wins today with Gardenia Muffins, a simple yet sweet way to say “Hi, you can do this!” or “You did great, I’m proud of you!” 

Gardenia Muffins are available in all shopping and grocery outlets in Luzon, and soon in Visayas and Mindanao. For only SRP Php 19.00, you can have all these premium qualities for an affordable price. So what are you waiting for? Get a Gardenia Muffin now and experience the premium muffin-tastic goodness that you’ll surely love!