Ube Cheese Suman

by Gardenia Wellness Team


1 pack Gardenia Double Delights Ube Cheese Loaf
3/4 cup Coconut milk powder
3/4 cup Water
1/3 cup Brown Sugar
Banana leaf
Bottled Macapuno (optional)


1. Cut banana leaf into 10 x 4 inches size.
2. Soak in hot water to soften then dry. Set aside.
3. Slice bread into small pieces. Set aside.
4. Blend together coconut milk powder, water and brown sugar. Mix to dissolve.
5. Soak bread in coconut milk mixture for 10 to 15 mins.
6. Mash bread using fork.
7. Brush banana leaf with softened butter
8. Put 2 tbsp mixture, top with sweetened macapuno string then fold banana leaf.
9. Place in steamer and cook for 10 mins.