Ube and Cheese Omelette

by Gardenia Wellness Team


2 Slices Gardenia Double Delights Ube and Cheese Loaf

3 pcs. Egg
2 tbs. Mayonnaise
2 tbs. Honey Mustard/ Sesame Dressing
15g Mix Lettuce

Salt and pepper to taste


1.) Slice Gardenia Ube and Cheese Loaf into small cubes and toast in a non stick pan then set aside.
2.) In a small bowl, beat 3 eggs and season with salt and pepper. Add Mayonnaise and whisk thoroughly. You may also add cream / milk ( optional. )
3.) Preheat a non stick pan and melt butter/ oil. Add the egg mixture. Cook the egg mixture up until 80 % then add the toasted DDL1 cubes.
You may also add ube Jam if you want to and add grated cheese.
4.) Fold the omelette and transfer into a plate. Serve with salad on the side.