Mango Butterscotch Creamsicle

by Gardenia Wellness Team


• Gardenia Amazing Butterscotch Loaf – 1 pack
• Mango – 2 slices, sliced into bits
• Caramel sauce – 3 tbsp (can be omitted but double the quantity of condensed milk)
• Heavy cream -1 cup (can be replaced with all purpose cream)
• Milk – ¼ cup
• Condensed Milk -4 tbsp


1. Get 3 slices of Gardenia Amazing Butterscotch Loaf, cut into smaller pieces then toast in an oven for 5 to 10 mins.

2. Pulse in a blender or food processor to create butterscotch bits (just until coarse) then set aside.

3. To create the creamsicle mixture, whip the heavy cream, (enough to add volume). Mix in milk and condensed milk, and then lastly fold in mango, caramel sauce and butterscotch bits.

4. Transfer into Popsicle molder, freeze for a minimum of 6hrs or overnight.

5. Remove from the molder then serve.