Gardenia Soft Delight Fun Nugget in a Bun

by Gardenia Wellness Team


• 6 pcs Gardenia Soft Delight Pandesal
• 6 pcs Chicken Nuggets
• 15 g Lettuce
• 6 slices of tomato
• 6 slices of cucumber
• 30 g of mayonnaise


1. Slice the soft delight pandesal in half and toast until golden and crispy.
2. Fry chicken nuggets until golden brown and crispy. Then set aside.
3. To assemble sandwich: spread 5 g of mayonnaise on one side of the bread, add chicken nuggets, tomato and cucumber, top it with a small leaf of lettuce and close it with the other half of the bread.
4. Serve it hot for best experience.