Gardenia Pan Fusionado

by Gardenia Wellness Team


1/2 slice Gardenia Classic White Bread Thick Slice
1/2 tsp pesto sauce
20g chicken breast, pan grilled
5g cheddar cheese
5g sundried tomatoes

Chinese Influence:
1/2 slice Gardenia High Fiber Whole Wheat Bread
1 tsp mayo-soy dressing
20g Chinese pork slices

Spanish Influence:
1/2 slice Gardenia Chocolate Chip Loaf
1/2 tsp olive oil
30g spicy chorizo slices

Western Influence:
1/2 slice Gardenia Butterscotch Loaf
2 pieces marshmallow
5g butter

Side Dish:
4 pieces arugula
8 pieces mint leaves
1 piece cherry tomatoes
1 piece black olives
1 piece red onions, grilled

3 pieces kiamoy
3 pieces champoy
1 piece walnuts

Side Dip:
3 Tbsp hummus
1 Tbsp sour cream


Prepare all mis-en-place.
Western Influence: Brush the breads with melted butter. Put the marshmallow. Slightly press the panini grill. Cut the bread. Insert it on the skewer.

Spanish Influence: Pan grill the Spanish chorizo. Brush the bread with the chorizo oil. Cover the chorizo with the breads. Insert it into the skewer.

Chinese Influence: Prepare the mayo-soy dressing by combining mayonnaise, Chinese pork sauce and sesame oil. Brush the mayo-soy dressing to the bread and insert pork slices. Cut the breads. Insert it in the skewer.

Italian Influence: Pan grill the marinated chicken. Cut into large cubes. Brush the loaves with the prepared bottled pesto sauce. Insert inside the bread the cubed cheese and chicken. Cut the breads. Insert it on the skewer.

Insert the grilled onions, black olives and cherry tomatoes. Serve with kiamoy, champoy, chopped walnuts, sour cream and hummus dip.