Gardenia Mini Black Forest Tartlets

by Gardenia Wellness Team


10 pcs Gardenia Classic White Bread
5 pcs Gardenia Amazing Black Forest Loaf
150g semi sweet chocolate chip
240 ml all purpose cream
Pitted cherries for garnish


Flatten slices of Gardenia Classic white bread. Mold the flatten breads and trim the sides. Bake inside the oven for 2-5 minutes at 250°F. Let it cool and set aside.
Using a food processor, grind the Gardenia Amazing Black Forest Loaf, set it aside.
In a bowl, combine chocolate chips and half of the all purpose cream. Heat inside the microwave for 2 minutes.
Once melted, add crumbs of Amazing black forest loaf and mix it until it is incorporated.
Fill each bread tarts with the chocolate filling, top it with the remaining whipped all purpose cream and top it with pitted cherries.
Plate and serve.