Gardenia Chicken Pumpkin Burger De Sal

by Gardenia Wellness Team


3pcs Gardenia Premium Pandesal
2 cups Pre-cooked Pumpkin
1 cup Ground Chicken
1pc Egg
1/2 cup Chopped White Onion
1Tbsp Garlic
6pcs Sliced Cucumber
3pcs Lettuce
3tbsp Mayonaise
3tbsp Catsup
Salt and Pepper to taste


1. Mash pre-cooked pumpkin
2. In a separate bowl, combine ground chicken, chopped onion and garlic. Add Mashed Pumpkin, Mix well
3. Scoop 1-2 Tbsp of the mixture and form into a patty. Do this with the remaining mixture
4. Fry until golden brown.
5. Slice pandesal into half then place lettuce and sliced cucumber on the first half of the pandesal.
6.Plae cooked chicken pumpkin patty on top of the vegetables
7. Put some mixed catsup and mayonnaise. (optional)
8. Cover with the other half of the sliced pandesal.
9. Serve.