Gardenia California Raisin ala Cubana

by Gardenia Wellness Team


– 2 pcs. Gardenia California Raisin Loaf
– 2 tbsp Olive Oil
– 5 cloves of Garlic
– 1 pc. White Onion (chopped)
– 2 pcs. Tomato (chopped)
– 300 g. Ground Beef
– 2 tbsp. Tomato Paste
– 1/2 cup Tomato Sauce
– Salt and Pepper (to taste)
– Egg (topping)


1. Toast 2 pieces of Gardenia California Raisin Loaf. Set Aside.
2. Pour the oil onto the pan. Saute the garlic, white onion and tomato.
3. Cook the ground beef, tomato paste, and tomato sauce on to the pan. Add salt and pepper.
4. Add the carrots, and green peas.
5. Pour the cooked beef mixture on top on the toasted breads.
6. (Optional) Add the egg on top. Enjoy!