Gardenia Bread Sisig

by Gardenia Wellness Team


1 slice Gardenia White Bread
2 tbsp. mayo
1/4 cup white onion, chopped
1/2 tbsp green chili (add more to your liking)
2 tsp. oyster sauce
1 pc siling labuyo (optional)


1. Lightly saute onions & green chili; set aside
2. Slightly toast bread slice (recommended 3 mins.)
2. Cut bread slice into cubes
3. Put oil in pan & put on high. Deep fry bread cubes until dark brown (make sure that oil is very hot to not let bread cubes soak in oil for so long)
4. Mix mayo & oyster sauce to fried bread cubes
5. Add sauted onions, green chili & siling labuyo; mix
6. Add drops of liquid seasoning to taste (optional)