Chocolate Chip Tiramisu

by Gardenia Wellness Team


6pcs Gardenia Chocolate Chip Loaf

1/2bar Cream Cheese
1/2cup Condensed Milk
1pack All Purpose Cream, Cold
1tbsp Coffee powder
pinch salt

cocoa powder


1.) In a sheet pan, place Gardenia Chocolate Chip Loaf and toast in the oven.
2.) in a mixer bowl, place cream cheese and cream using a paddle attachment.
3.) add condensed milk and continue mixing. After 5 minutes, add the cold all purpose cream and coffee powder and continue mixing until well combined.
4.) Season with salt and set aside.
1.) prepare a container for your tiramisu.
2.) soak the toasted Gardenia ChocoChip loaf in milk and layer it on the container.
3.) add the cream cheese mixture and do the same process for the second layer .
4.) sprinkle cocoa powder on top before covering and place it inside the fridge and chill overnight.