Baked Vegetable Twist

by Gardenia Wellness Team


11 pcs Gardenia Slim N’ Fit Wheaten Bread
2 pcs whole eggs
120 g cream cheese, softened
80 g low fat cheese
120 g button mushroom
80 g white onions, small diced
150 g brocolli, washed, diced
Salt and pepper to taste


In a Bowl, Combine eggs, Cream Cheese and low fat cheese together. Mix well, Fold in Button Mushroom, White Onions, and Broccoli. Set aside.
Trim edges of Gardenia SNF. Using a rolling Pin, Flatten the bread and cut it in half triangular shapes.
Layer it one by one with the edges attached to each other, and press it down for it to stick to one another.
Fill the breads with the vegetable filling and close the bread by folding it towards the center.
Bake it for at least 6-7 minutes.
Plate and serve.