NeuBake Monggo Tonkatsu


- (2 pcs) NeuBake Wheaten Bread 480g
- (100 g)Monggo
- (1 pc) Onion
- (5 cloves) Garlic
- (2 pcs) Tomatoes
- (30 g) Crushed Tinapa Flakes
- (300 ml) Chicken Stock
- (50 g) Flour
- (1 pc) Egg
- (100 g) Bread Crumbs
- (to taste) salt and pepper

For the sauce:
- (1/4 cup) Mayonnaise
- (1/4 cup) Tomato Ketchup
- (2 tbsp) Liquid Seasoning


1.) Soak Monggo Beans overnight to soften it.
2.) In a pan, preheat oil and saute garlic, onion and tomatoes until they are fragrant.
3.) Add the tinapa flakes and the monngo beans and continue sauteing.
4.) Pour in the Chicken Stock and simmer it until monggo beans are soft.
5.) Once monggo is cooked and ready, drain the excess liquid and transfer into a bowl.
6.) add flour and egg to the monggo and mix well. Form into a square like patty and dredge it in bread crumbs.
7/.) Pan Fry the monggo patty until golden brown in color.
8.) For the sauce: Mix together Mayonnaise, Tomato Ketchup and Liquid seasoning and spread on top of the Monggo patty.
9.) Sandwich the patty with Neubake Super Slice Wheaten and enjoy!