Gardenia Apple Crumble


6 pcs Gardenia Wheat Cranberry Loaf
10 g cinnamon powder
1 pc red apple, diced
1 pc green apple, diced
80 g white sugar
10 g butter
5 g salt
1 pc lemon juice
15 g dried cranberry
15 g cornstarch
30 ml water


Trim off the sides of Gardenia Wheat Cranberry Loaf, cut breads into small cubes, dredge cinnamon and set aside.

In a pan, combine, apples, white sugar, butter, salt and lemon juice. Cook it until apples are tender

Mix cornstarch with water, and then combine all ingredients together. Cook stirring until thick. Remove from heat and set aside.

Using a Ramekin, pour in Apple compote and top it with diced breads.

Bake inside the oven until breads are toasted.

Top it with ice cream and serve it.
Plate and serve.