Gardenia 3-way Wrapped Sausage


6 slices Gardenia Classic White Bread
250 g mozzarella cheese
200 g All purpose cream
2 pcs eggs, beaten
200 g bread crumbs
Oil for frying

For the sauce:
1 can tomato sauce
5 pcs garlic loaves
Fresh herbs and spices of choice
Salt and pepper to taste

Sauce alternative:
Sweet and spicy bottled sauce


Using a rolling pin, flatten your Gardenia Classic White Bread then cut the sides and set aside.
Cut your mozzarella sticks into large Julienne or Strips. Place your cheese on top of the flatten bread and roll it.
Drench your bread first to the flour then the beaten egg and the bread crumbs.
Deep fry your bread mozzarella sticks, drain it using a paper towel to remove excess oil.

For the sauce:
Sauté your garlic, make sure it’s not to brown. Add your canned tomatoes, let it simmer. Add your fresh herb and spices, season with salt and pepper.

Plate and serve it with your marinara sauce or sweet and spicy sauce on the side.

2-3 servings